Social Responsibility

As a high-tech company that combines research and development with state-of-the-art manufacturing operations, CIG is an integral part of the ICT community. We work collaboratively with our clients, technology partners, suppliers and employees to build innovative and high-quality products.

  • People Oriented
  • Innovation
  • Benefiting Society

Management Commitment

"CIG is a member of the global ICT industry. We have achieved continuous year-over-year business growth since our inception. We want to continue our growth while contributing to our society and community. Sustainability means paying attention to how our products are made, to our employees who make the products, to our customers who use our products, and to the environment in which our products are made. I truly believe this is the only way going forward. From our Board of Directors to Senior Management Team, CIG is committed to sustainability. Working with our Strategy Committee, CIG management implements identified goals at all levels from R&D to factory output, translating stated goals into detailed execution plans. The result is a community actively engaged in promoting global initiatives that positively impact the world as a whole."

——Gerry Wong, Chairman and CEO, CIG

Let us work together to save our earth!

Business Ethics

CIG adheres to the highest standards of the business ethics as embodied in the EICC Code of Conduct. All CIG employees are provided with an employee handbook that outlines our business practices, which are reviewed and acknowledged in writing by each employee. Continuous training is provided on ethical practices with a special emphasis on anti-bribery rules and regulations to reinforce those policies, with audits regularly conducted on suppliers to monitor their adherence to global anti-corruption, human rights and environmental laws and regulations.


Sustainability is core at CIG. We strictly adhere to environmental regulations, ensuring responsible disposal of manufacturing by-products in alignment with EU directives like WEEE and RoHS. Our ISO 14001 certification underscores our unwavering commitment.


Building on past successes, including a commendable 5% reduction in electricity usage from 2017 to 2018, our ambition is a 25% cut in carbon emissions and an 80% decrease in water consumption by 2030. These goals demonstrate our dedication.


Looking ahead to new facilities and new product designs, integrating renewable energy sources remains pivotal, reflecting our continuous efforts to minimize our environmental footprint and embrace sustainable solutions.


Join us at CIG, pioneering green energy for a sustainable future.

People and Culture

At CIG, we embrace the power of diversity in our workforce. With top-tier talent and a skilled international corporate management team, we ensure our operations consistently meet the highest quality standards at an optimal cost.


Recognizing and honoring our employees' contributions are fundamental to fostering an inclusive community that champions innovation and problem-solving. At CIG, we are dedicated to cultivating a diverse workforce and firmly reject discrimination based on race, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity or national origin, disability, religion, political affiliation, or marital status.


In a world where connectivity remains unequal, CIG envisions universal Internet access for all. Our goal is to make this vision a reality by lowering the cost of telecom equipment, enabling global connectivity and unlocking a world of knowledge and learning.


At CIG, we collaborate closely with our clients to lead the charge in creating high-quality, affordable, and energy-efficient products. These solutions are easily deployable worldwide, ensuring that everyone can access the benefits of the Internet, regardless of location or resources. Join us in bridging the digital divide and empowering communities through universal connectivity.

Supply Chain

As part of our commitment to compliance, CIG has issued sustainable procurement policies and supplier code of conduct requirements, conducting supplier audits to ensure compliance with global human rights regulations. We prioritize ethical procurement practices to uphold responsible business standards, such as the Conflict Minerals Act. In supplier assessments, CIG mandates strict adherence to global human rights regulations and sustainable procurement policies, including labor rights, environmental protection, health and safety, information security, business ethics, and compliance commitments.