From industrial design to hardware development, from software platforms to new product integration, CIG is renowned for our R&D capabilities. We continuously invent and develop new products for our clients worldwide.


Continuous innovation is intrinsic to CIG's corporate culture. We refine product designs and develop new technologies. By maintaining close relationships with global telecommunications carriers and suppliers, we readily understand market trends and adapt our products and services accordingly.


CIG collaborates with global standardization organizations like ITU-T, Broadband Forum, FSAN, MoCA, and Wi-Fi Alliance. In optical communications, we're key members of the International Photoelectron Committee (IPEC) and the Multi-Source Agreement (MSA). In the wireless domain, we contribute to the Open Compute Project, O-RAN Alliance/TIP Open RAN, and Open Network Forum, staying ahead in industry trends to support our customers and partners in advancing telecommunications and networking.

R&D Capabilities and Customer Process Integration

From industrial to hardware design, from software development to product integration, CIG has extensive engineering expertise to develop and manufacture complex products and systems. Our large-scale operation is based on a complex information system that ensures optimal information sharing and precise process control.

In addition, CIG is able to integrate its R&D process with the client’s R&D process to ensure success in different ODM/JDM/EMS scenarios.

Technology Competence

CIG's R&D teams have cultivated a diverse range of technology competencies across wired, wireless, and optical domains:

Optical: In-house BoSA design, BoSA on Board, XG- and XGS-PON optics, and more.

PON: GPON MAC RTL, OMCI, IOP, Design Optimization for all leading silicon.

DSL: VDSL2 (bonding and vectoring), G.fast, FTTdp.

FPGA / RTL design: Experienced IP development including OFDM codec, and more.

VoIP: Global compliance, SIP, H.248, media, Proprietary, etc.

Wi-Fi: Carrier, Enterprise, Consumer, Industrial, and IoT.

RF: Antenna design, RF lineup, filter and noise, discrete and monolithic RF designs, and more.

Building on these competencies, CIG also has expertise in:

Design for Quality (DfQ): Reliability Design / Failure Prediction / Reliability Test.

Design for Cost (DfC) and Design for Manufacuturing (DfM).

Design for Automation (DfA).

Test Automation: RF / Performance / Functional Test Automation.

Production Automation.

Component: Material / vendor control and DPA.

End-to-End Process

From Concept towards Final Product and Mass Production – a Wireless JDM Project