Flexible Business Models

Tailored Solutions for Your Innovation Journey:

At CIG, we understand that every journey from concept to market is unique. With our robust in-house R&D and manufacturing expertise, we serve as a dependable extension of clients' R&D teams, offering seamless support throughout the product development lifecycle.

Our capabilities efficiently translate clients' product ideas from conceptual to Proof of Concept (POC), New Product Introduction (NPI), and Mass Production (MP) stages, whether clients need ODM) or JDM) solutions, CIG can always support them.

ODM (Original Design and Manufacturing):

With the ODM model, CIG takes charge of the entire product lifecycle—from concept generation to mass production. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and customization capabilities, ensuring that each project is tailored to meet clients' specific requirements. Our team excels at designing and executing projects with precision, delivering innovative solutions that set clients apart in the market.

JDM (Joint Design and Manufacturing):

In the JDM model, CIG collaborates closely with clients on the design and development phases while assuming responsibility for manufacturing. This collaborative approach fosters shared innovation, with both parties contributing expertise and sharing intellectual property. Clear roles and responsibilities are outlined in our JDM agreements, ensuring transparency and alignment throughout the partnership.

Business Model

At CIG, we believe in adapting to our clients' needs, offering flexible business models that empower their innovation journey. Whether our clients choose ODM, JDM, or other forms of business models, they can trust us to deliver end-to-end solutions that drive success for their business.

ODM (Original Design Manufacturing)

CIG provides all services of the NPD processes starting with the concept phase and taking it to mass production. Planning phase participation will depend on product ownership. CIG will drive the planning activities if it has ownership of the product. Otherwise, our partner will drive the planning activities.

JDM (Joint Design Manufacturing)

Along with the OEM service, the development process is jointly owned by both CIG and the client. Roles and responsibilities will be based on mutual agreements between our two parties.