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Business Model: End-To-End ODM/JDM Service

Building a partnership.

Within CIG we view ODM/JDM as a service to our partners, providing an end-to-end solution to realize your product vision. Our experienced R&D team is an extended resource to complement your in-house R&D team.

ODM (Original Design Manufacturing): CIG provides all services of the NPD processes starting with the concept phase and taking it to mass production. Planning phase participation will depend on product ownership. CIG will drive the planning activities if it has ownership of the product. Otherwise, our partner will drive the planning activities.

JDM (Joint Design Manufacturing): Along with the OEM service, the development process is jointly owned by both CIG and the client. Roles and responsibilities will be based on mutual agreements between our two parties.

CIG provides the following ODM/JDM service technology competencies:

CIG’s R&D team has developed a wide spectra of technology competence which covers Optical, PON ONT, DSL technologies and Wireless technologies:

  • Optical: In house BoSA design / -BoSA on Board / XG- and XGS-PON optics, etc.
  • PON: GPON MAC RTL / OMCI / IOP / Design Optimize for all leading Silicons;
  • DSL: VDSL2 (bonding and vectoring) and / FTTDp;
  • FPGA/RTL design: experienced IP development including OFDM codec, etc.
  • VoIP: Global compliance / SIP / H.248 / media /Proprietary etc.
  • Wi-Fi: Carrier, Enterprise, Consumer, Industrial and IoT
  • RF: Antenna / RF lineup / filter and noise / discrete and monolithic RF designs, etc.

In addition to the specific technology competence, CIG has also built up the competence for quality manufacturing and control which includes:

  • Design for Quality (DfQ): Reliability Design / Failure Prediction / Reliability Test;
  • Design for Cost (DfC) and Design for Manufacuturing (DfM)
  • Design for Automation (DfA)
  • Test Automation: RF / Performance / Functional Test Automation
  • Production Automation
  • Component: Material / vendor control and DPA

Research and Development

From industrial design to hardware development, from software platforms to new product integration, CIG is renowned for our R&D capabilities. We continuously invent and develop new products for our clients worldwide.



Product Portfolio

CIG focuses on developing wired and wireless broadband access terminal equipment for operators, homes and enterprises. Our product portfolio also includes Optical Modules for data center applications.




CIG’s advanced manufacturing center leverages industrial automation and information technologies to achieve operation efficiency and quality control. We continually increase the number of automated assembly lines in our manufacturing center to improve our production efficiencies and quality.


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