Research and Development

Innovation, Quality, Agility

Research & Development

CIG is renowned globally for its excellent R&D capabilities: 800+ engineers with expertise in many technical disciplines. Once a product program is approved, we assemble and assign the most qualified team for the project. Advanced project management practices are utilized to ensure on-time design delivery incorporating the customer’s R&D process as required. The end result is superior quality control that exceeds our client’s expectations.


Continuous innovation is at the core of our corporate culture. CIG continuously develops and refines its product design practices with a focus on developing new technical expertise. CIG always seize the opportunity to be at the forefront of technological advancement.

As a high-tech enterprise, we actively participate and contribute to the international standardization efforts such as ITU-T, Broadband World Forum, FSAN, MoCA and the Wi-Fi Alliance. By maintaining close relationship with global telecom operators and suppliers, we are attuned to the industry’s latest market trends and developments.

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In 2016, CIG accomplished the following:

  • 70+ ODM / JDM projects with
  • 83 PCB designs
  • 51 sets of tooling
  • 100+ software projects
  • 800K LoC (line of code) delivered

 All projects were completed on time and passed stringent quality criterias.

Extensive R&D Capabilities and Customer Process Integration

From industrial to hardware design, from software development to product integration, CIG has extensive engineering expertise to develop and manufacture complex products and systems. Our large-scale operation is based on a complex information system that ensures optimal information sharing and precise process control.

In addition, CIG is able to integrate its R&D process with the client’s R&D process to ensure success in different ODM / JDM / EMS scenarios.

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Technology Competence

CIG’s R&D teams has developed a wide spectrum of technology competencies covering wired, wireless, and optical domains:

  • Optical: In-house BoSA design / BoSA on Board / XG- and XGS-PON optics, etc.
  • PON: GPON MAC RTL / OMCI / IOP / Design Optimize for all leading Silicon
  • DSL: VDSL2 (bonding and vectoring) and / FTTdp
  • FPGA / RTL design: experienced IP development including OFDM codec, etc.
  • VoIP: Global compliance / SIP / H.248 / media /Proprietary etc.
  • Wi-Fi: Carrier, Enterprise, Consumer, Industrial and IoT
  • RF: Antenna / RF lineup / filter and noise / discrete and monolithic RF designs, etc.

In addition to specific technology competence, CIG has also developed competencies for quality manufacturing and control which includes:

  • Design for Quality (DfQ): Reliability Design / Failure Prediction / Reliability Test
  • Design for Cost (DfC) and Design for Manufacturing (DfM)
  • Design for Automation (DfA)
  • Test Automation: RF / Performance / Functional Test Automation
  • Production Automation
  • Component: Material / vendor control and DPA